“Make me a site like Apple”, “I want the same thing as my competitor” … These are the phrases requested by some customers and that many marketers have already had the opportunity to hear.

Entrepreneurs and start-ups are sometimes so obsessed with what their competitors do that they become almost desperate. Rather ironic for an innovative start-up to “copy” its competitor isn’t it? Of course, not all start-ups react that way, but many of them tend to want to do that. The famous dream of becoming the “new Facebook” or the “new Airbnb”…

The goal of having a logo, a site or an adapted communication strategy is to get noticed. All this requires a lot of attention, reflection. The package must be thoroughly documented and relevant to the company that will use it. Inspiration is a step in the creative process. Nevertheless, your brand can not afford to take the same color as the company A, a piece of company B logo, a company design C, a company post D … Dear entrepreneurs, dear start-ups, dear customers, when you do that, it’s like you’re asking us to create a Frankenstein!

Beyond the fact that you are showing a cruel lack of integrity at this time, did you know that a similar design is always noticed and always despised? If your logo, your website is not original, what about your product? Your product is innovative, yet you jeopardize this innovation and with it the integrity of your business by taking the risk of imitating what is already famous for not having to create yours.

In the perilous world of entrepreneurship, originality, the “something never before seen” is often considered as a primary criterion. This vision can be the subject of many oppositions, both in the concept and in the example. Indeed, it is not enough to propose a new product to lead a prospect to adhere to the said product. Similarly, a product that is only the improved or updated version of another may just as well be a popular success.

I remember my visit to a start-up show. I always saw the same words: “content”, “platform”, “synergy”, “solutions”, “fast”, “connected” … It is almost impossible to find one that does not use this jargon to describe yourself. I’m not the only one, Josh Horwitz from Quartz Digital Media, noticed the same thing as me. These words seem technical and clear, but they do not mean anything in truth. They are completely meaningless and make the understanding of the object or product presented difficult for ordinary people. What’s worse for an innovative company than being unable to explain its own product? In an effort to attract investors and “sound good” or to drape a boring product from the veil of what appears to be innovation (but which is not always so), startups rely too much on a lexicon hollow that does not speak to the users they want to attract.

Why I’m trying to make the promotion of an “original” communication”  ? The answer is simple, it is a question of coherence. Would you buy a racing car with a commercial vehicle car body ? The answer is no, because when you buy a race car, you do not just buy the speed or the power, you buy the imaginary it transmits. In this, famous car’s brands have understood that through their advertising, they do not sell a product, but a feeling of freedom, of accomplishment. When they address the male, they offer the consumer to obtain the key to be a new man, transformed by the mercantile operation. It is not just a technical or technological change, but a physical intermediation revolutionizing the user himself.

A good example to follow: Bizpeek ! This innovative French Tech startup based in Occitanie offers the creation of visual presentation (insights) by collecting the various data concerning your company, thus allowing you to save time to use it for your activities. A short video, refreshing and that allows you to understand at a glance what will bring the product directly instead of making a cold and corporate description. 

If we transfer the power of this imaginary above-mentioned to innovation, the conclusion is clear. When we offer an innovative product or service, the communication must be too, it’s a bit like the wrapping paper of a gift. The gift would be your product and your communication, its packaging. You can not imagine offering a ring in one of these biodegradable plastic bags found in supermarkets? The principle for your communication is the same.

With a communication of its own, the image of your product, will be revalorized and allow your buyer to value his personal life or his own business. We can take the recent example of IA Washing, a variant of Green Washing applied to AI, where many companies claimed to use AI in their product. In reality, this usage varies depending on whether the company is developing a simple conversational chatbot or complex human resource software like Clustree. In reality, in the imagination of people, the AI ​​is used in the same way and the company gains in revaluation. This term “artificial intelligence” has such a strong imaginary that it unconsciously influences decision makers big and small and consumers because of its appeal.

L’originalité est un atout précieux tant pour votre contenu textuel que pour vos visuels. Les consommateurs lambdas sont naturellement attirés par un style nouveau, frais et unique. Si votre communication ressemble à s’y méprendre à une autre marque, c’est terminé pour vous.  Pour preuve, les modèles vraiment originaux ont résisté à l’épreuve du temps et à la concurrence qui se présente chaque jour. Les logos d’Apple, d’Unilever, d’Amazon et d’autres incarnent aujourd’hui l’essence de leurs produits et l’imaginaire véhiculé par leur marque.

Le monde est plein d’idées et l’utilisation d’un logo, d’un site ou d’une communication unique est de plus en plus difficile. Peut-être que ce que tout le monde dit est vrai, peut-être que la similitude des idées peut se produire, car nous sommes tous inspirés par les mêmes choses. Néanmoins, essayer d’être différent, meilleur et plus original que les autres vous permettra de vous distinguer. Vous voulez encore imiter le travail et l’identité de quelqu’un d’autre ou vous préférez incarner votre propre imaginaire ? Soyez aussi innovant dans votre communication que dans les produits que vous vendez ! Laissez-nous vous aider à vous inventer.

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