We all, as marketers, have encountered this kind of situation. You are in the early stages of discussing a new website project with a customer and the following question inevitably arises : “Who will be responsible for the content ?”. No sooner is this sentence pronounced, that it sounds, in a way, the death knell of the final outcome of this website. Most of the time, the customer responds with “I will be responsible” or worse, “our secretary will take charge of it”. Although writing is something that most people do everyday through texting, mailing, and other writing, copywriting is made up of a specific set of skills that not everyone has not. 

The appearance of the Internet and the standardization of tools, their ease of use can, indeed, lead to this kind of thoughts. Is not the copywriting ultimately pure writing ? A simple way to share our thoughts with others ? 

Writing is an inheritance and learning that is unique to the human being. Its origin goes back several centuries with the cuneiform writing and the primitive paintings that adorned the walls of the caves. Since then, humanity has made a real leap forward and our means of writing have evolved over the centuries. From paint and colored pigments, we went from quill to pen and finally to computer, tablets and other increasingly revolutionary technological media. The modes of writing have changed, the contents have evolved, our way of expressing ourselves also…

It is very important to bear in mind that writing for digital media can not, under any circumstances, be similar to that which we can practice in a personal way on a notebook for example. The support is different and so his the way we apprehend this writing. Did you know that on the screens, our eyes tend to read in “F” ? In other words, our eyes will follow the movement of this letter of the alphabet and fetch the most important information by scanning the text that way. All the rest is forgotten, completely lost and barely reviewed by our minds. Blame it on information overload…How do you want to recover the information which is necessary to you in a minimum of time ? This solution is one of only way. Fully reading an article is, nowaday, become something quite rare, almost exceptional !

For this, if this article is long, it must be pleasant to read : that is the very least ! Yet, many people, persuaded to do well, are however unable to do this : mispelling or grammar, abusive punctuation…The reading quickly becomes a real ordeal and the reader closes the tab. 

Beyond the form, it is a question of handling the language and all its specificities so as to be able to use differents registers, to be able to speak about a technical topic in a playful tone or to adapt to the reader without difficulties. 

We, the copywriters, need to be true chameleons of style and make the right stylistic and linguistic choices in order to attract prospects and potential customers. 

In reality, copywriting does not only include the editorial part and is much broader than that. The web editor must also understand the SEO practices and be able to respect them. From a set of keywords, he can a clear editorial line adapted to your audience. Words are at the heart of the web. Words will allow search engines to index and rank your website correctly. This is also the first thing that visitors are looking for to decide if your website matches their query. A good web article should not only contain the right information and be written in the right style, but it should also be formatted correctly, using headers, short paragraphs, and having a proper use of search keywords. Ultimately, writing content is just one aspect of creating content. Writing a blog article does not mean much id it does not match the website’s topic and does not feel something to the readers. 


Web content, strange as it may seem to some, is a priority. Your client already has a business to manage. The last thing he or she will need is another task to add to the thousand others he already has to do. On the other hand, its simple and accessible aspect, writing content seems to be an easy task at first sight. Nevertheless, it is enough to find yourself in front of a blank page to realize how this can be a painful exercise. 


Writing is a very difficult exercise and not everyone can lay claim to writing well. This is a real sport that requires training and brings a lot of difficulties the first time we rub along with pen or keyboard. At Les Tailleurs du Web, writing is a daily exercise that we practice through a personal practice, but also professional. Our content is optimized for digital media and we strive to ensure that it is of the highest quality so that the reader can fully enjoy it through a quality content and style.

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